• Image of Odin Combo

First off, I cannot take 100% credit on this one. A very great bearded brother, Christopher Mathis, told me I should do an oil called Odin's Ravens (which to me was a badass name for any great product). For months I was searching for the right scent to start this magnificent beard oil. Nothing I smelled even came close to what I wanted and I hit a roadblock. Another great bearded brother, Matthew Pionk , suggested that I go out to a few places and sniff away. Which I did (and did and did), until one day I was walking out of the mall when I saw this stand that had this item that smelled so good that it hit me. When I got home I found out that these two essential oils, lemon and clary sage, were a great combination for thought and memory. Next, it was time to research for a new mix of carrier oils. I wanted to do a few oils outside of the box, rather than my normal blend. So I give you this, Odin's Ravens....

Huginn ( "thought") and Muninn ("memory"or "mind") are the great father Odin's ravens that would fly all over to retrieve information and bring it back to him. I designed the oil/balm around this concept. The ingredients are hemp oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, apricot oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils- lemon (thought), clary sage (memory).

Scent-earthy sweet scent

Size-2oz tin/2oz bottle