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Viking Beard Wash fresh smelling wash with a peppermint scent to awaken the senses and clean the mane without stripping the hairs natural oils . In a pump foaming form start with 1-2 pumps to get a feel for the desired amount. Lather up in hands and apply to a wet beard. Scrub into the beard working from the skin out.(Hairs will come out while you wash as they do when you scrub all area's while wash no need to be alarmed.) Rinse out good to get all traces of wash out. Pat dry with towel. Let sit for a bit then apply beard conditioner.

Beard Whipped Conditioner is a deep conditioning balm for 2-3 time a week overnight/day that is designed to condition, moisturize, add volume and rejuvenate the hairs and skin. With Red Palm Oil as one of the main ingredients know it healing and extreme conditioning it also has strong antibacterial properties for cleansing the skin along with a special refatting agent in the oil that helps restore moisture. Scented with cypress oil for its holistic quality for calming and release of restlessness and anxiety. With very little weight and smooth texture this conditioner will leave your beard feeling incredible soft and healthy.

Viking Beard Wash ingredients:
Castle soap, Aloe Vera gel, Coconut Glycerin, Peppermint

Beard Conditioner ingredients:
Ingredients: Shea butter, Mango butter, Red Palm oil, Jamaica black castor oil, Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, Coconut oil,Apricot oil, Vitamin E oil, Beeswax, Essential oils: Rose Hip oil, Cypress

Size: 3oz tin