As you know in the Beard Care community we like to be green. By using all of the most natural of oils, butters, waxes etc. So that being said… I’m offering this deal: For every 4 empty bottles of Viking Oils returned I'll give you a free oil of your choice with your next order. Your free bottle will be credit to your order after bottles are received.

When you’re ready to send back bottles just contact me via email at and I'll send you a prepaid package to send back your empties. Any questions regarding this deal or products and usage can be sent to the same email address. To receive this deal bottles must have the original Viking Oils label and applicator when return. Only Viking Oils product bottle are credited to deal.

   Thank You For for your time and caring for your BADASS Beards and Staches with Viking Oils beard care products.

                 Owner/Crafter: Gary Gassett